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GearUp Uraling as a passenger with Mr. COB

Here's the story. As soon as I found out Mr. COB had a spiffy new Ural GearUp I raced over and begged a ride. He said something like "well I'm pretty new with this thing, but lets go!" Loaded up some ammo...
er, not really...

For the dainty I won't post here, but for the required FYYFF shot go here:

Mr. COB, being a new Ural sidecar owner, decided to try out some rough roads with a guinea pig, er.. passenger, me. I heard "haven't tried this before" more than once. I held on tighter when I heard that!

Heading out on the Russian Road near Granite Falls on a Ural Gear Up. Passenger view.

Road climbs to a nice viewpoint.

An then, "steeper than it looks" along with "haven't tried this before"!

Nice narrow roads through the trees. Passenger ride was remarkably comfortable even on really rough stuff.

Uhh...uhhh...uhhhhh...yeeeesssss... the-e-e ri-i-i-ide got-t-t-t buuuuum-py at times.

See that puddle in the distance? Mr. COB decided to park in it, spin it up and fling some mud. We found out what happens when you suddenly get good traction on slippery conditions in a sidecar. Lets just say a) The Ural and we survived just fine and b) I had to pick out a lot of brush from my sidecar... wish I could have captured it on video ;-)

Fun roads

All of a sudden we were being abducted by aliens! However, the Ural, being so primitive, kept on running and we escaped.

Zipping throug the forest! It's pretty damn fun as the passenger.

Other than one projecting root that went into the sidecar crash guard and hung up the entire rig (had to back up while extracting it) the Ural plowed through everything. Sometimes the 2-wheel drive had to be used, but mostly not. With no rear differential, you have to be careful where you use the extra sidecar drive wheel.

Headin' back after a fun ride!

Dave, thanks for an excellent adventure!

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