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Totally missed the invite Dwizzle! We are already on our way to Texas... Next time for sure, thank you, would have been nice.

“Sherpa”, our new Friend coming to Texas with us...

I can only think good “Karma” when today “Old Faithful” is following behind us toward Texas. An “ECamper” from “Ursa Minor Vehicles” in Chula Vista, CA, on an “all wheel drive” Honda Element, lifted 3 inches by CCM in San Luis Obispo. Feels very strange. Yet, the road beat us up these past years and from point A to point B this will be a shelter, well, maybe “deserved”? Park anywhere and in less than one minute the pillow will find it's place and so will Spirit's cushion and blanket and warmth when needed. Not a permanent fixture, we will mix it up at times continuing with “Old Faithful”, at times as I see snow photos in my mind, with “Sherpa” alone, often the complete convoy!
It is winter approaching and this new Friend is more than welcome. I keep thinking daily positive feelings while planted on this path chosen and one after another the generosity of many does not cease to amaze me. The breakdown not long ago with a list of contributors I have finally started to thank personally, the negative results of a biopsy, and now “Sherpa” opening new horizons of Adventures within a vast array of destinations independent from harsh weathers.
We shall be back at “The Oasis” in a couple of days literally picking up the pieces of our tent that has blown away, did not withstand 100mph+ winds! Did not expect it. I was lazy to put away this monster whose fabric alone weighs 86lbs... Will now put up a smaller one and use the wood stove as a smoker much needed... It always works out.
More on the Journal...
Be safe and well.

Peace, Love and Courage.

Ara & Spirit
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