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Originally Posted by PoundSand View Post
b) 100MB is what, a couple hours of music streaming? a smartphone becomes a *lot* more fun, and a lot more useful with unlimited data. ;D
I'm getting this so I can surf the web/stream music and generally screw around when I have down time at work. My new position means a lot of time just being there. I can't just leave to find wifi, so it probably won't be an option 95% of the time. Figure 20-25 hours a week of this and how many mb I'd go through.

Originally Posted by slackmeyer View Post
Ahh, true enough. I'd love to stream radio from seattle at the jobsite. But paying that much per month for it? I don't think so. And what really got me to switch away from sprint was the inability to make a call from home.
I don't even really care how it works at home, heck, I don't even care how it works as a phone anywhere. It will be about 90% surfing tool, 9% texting tool, and 1% phone. I have to carry the work phone anyway and can use that whenever, but it doesn't do anything else. My new work phone(which is sprint) works great at my house. I have to walk up the hill to my barn for my verizon to work here. Just waiting for a sale now.

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