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We'll be just fine. I'm not even discouraged. Winning is the priority, but this is still a football team with a first (ever) year head coach. That might sound like an excuse for badly losing the game, but I really like where things are headed under Muschamp. This is the first of many games between Muschamp and Saban and it's going to turn into a great series. Remembering this loss (and last years) is going to keep the kids motivated and the staff hungry. It's easy to look at last night as a failure, but even under Meyer and Tebow the goal every season was to get to the SEC championship. We're still on target to do that. With Jimbo Fisher seeming human again and Miami fresh off their latest scandal, UF is positioned really well in recruiting. We have a great staff and the ability to out-recruit other schools. We'll rebuild and we'll be back. I have no doubt about it. This isn't our first bad loss and it won't be our last. Good coaches know how to turn these games into positives though. Our best days are still ahead of us.

Good game Alabama. I hope you keep up the momentum throughout the the rest of the season. give em hell.
What you need to admit to yourself, is that Muschamp might not be the coach you hoped him to be. Seems like the Texas defense is a whole lot better off under Diaz.

So far, it looks like the Peter Principal is alive and well in Gainesville.
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