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Originally Posted by Terlingua View Post
I should have got a patent on this 2 1/2 years a go when I came up with it. Then Kurt at Black Dog screw me over as he seem to do all the guys with new ideals. Oh he feed you a good line and said I'll even make paper work saying this is your ideal. Well good luck with that one. If I was you I would not show a damn thing on here. Evey one else will just F you over. .
I have seen some delusional posts on this forum but this one has to be at the top of my list. I don’t appreciate a completely baseless personal attack on myself or my company. Thanks to our loyal customers, many on ADVRider, our reputation speaks for itself and we will continue to work hard to expand it.

First of all, I never screwed Terlingua over. I gave him advanced notice that I found a better design and would be phasing his out over time. I did this to try to avoid him holding a bunch of inventory that we were not going to purchase. Not something I had to do, but I felt it was the right thing to do. The new design, created by an engineer in Arizona, was not remotely similar to Terilinqua’s design and shared no common elements with it. The both served the same function – to protect the engine case - but that is where the similarity stopped.

I spoke to Terilingua on Friday about this and he is convinced the two designs are the same which is ludicrous. His design attaches to the bike in 5 places and still threads into the engine block. Our new design attaches to the bike on two places and completely isolates the engine block. His post was the first I had heard that he was unhappy with us and that he thought we copied his design. Anyone can look at the two products and see they are very different.

His statement of “screwing over all the guys with the new ideas” is complete fiction. We pay a royalty to the designer of the new side stand relocation kit design. We have this type of arrangement with several people who have come up with excellent product ideas and it works out great for everyone. They don’t have to bother producing or carrying inventory, we can use our local resources to have the products made in the U.S.A. on our timetable to our standards and the designer just cashes their quarterly checks. Easy.

My apologies for the highjack, but I felt this blatant, false attack merited a response, as delusional as the post was.

Now, back to your regularly schedule program….
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