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Originally Posted by PirateJohn View Post
Point 1: Agreed.

Point 2: I might disagree with some of the guys here because many like to go to small towns but I personally enjoy nightclubs, industry, good food, and so forth. So there are some cities that I really enjoy: Monterrey, Reynosa, Mazatlan, etc. I also like the tourist area of Tijuana, tacky as it may be to some.

I think that most of us would say to be wary (or avoid completely) Juarez right now.

I personally would avoid New York City on a bike but the more that I hear about the DF (Mexico City) the more tempted I am to ride there sometime.

Anyway, my $.02 worth.

Point 3: Go ahead and wear your normal riding clothes; you can't hide the fact that you are a gringo moto tourist. But leave your Rolex and gold chains at home.

Point 4: The water in many Mexican cities is no worse than the water in many small south Texas towns; no one drinks that crap either. It's 2011 and the Mexican water stories are greatly overrated these days but I'd avoid drinking the tap water just the same.

Point 5: Bingo!
Point 2: Noted

Point 3: I'm a moto tourist but definitely not a gringo.

Point 4: Noted

Thank you.
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