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Originally Posted by Pedro Navaja View Post
I like El Morillo. It's on the south side of the town. It used to be a hacienda. Some of the old buildings are still there, the chapel, etc. Very nice. Not expensive. I see they have redone their website.

As you know there are many abandoned haciendas in Mexico. Ghost towns, not tourist attractions. They just sit out there rotting away. Makes for good adventure riding. Very good book on the hacienda and encomienda system in Mexico is You can get a copy at the local library if they have inter-library loan. I've been doing a lot of personal research on that topic and also religious art. The Saltillo cathedral has one of the finest collections of religious art in the world. Much of the religious art of Mexico disappeared during the 1910 revolution, and more again during La Cristiada war.
Thanks Mike!

Gonna check out El Morillo on the return leg next month.

Also ordered the book.
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