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Had to use Google to find this thread again, but enjoyed catching up with all the great comments, suggestions, and advice. While doing so, one thing that came to mind is the use of photo editing software. Being a cheap frugal KLR owner (redundant, I know) my method is to search the internet for freeware. Doing so brought me to Irfanview, a very simple, capable program that does everything many of the better software programs do, and it is constantly updated. Just an FYI for those who, like me, would rather spend their $$ on farkles.

Now for a comment (perhaps already made somewhere in the thread) about titling your RR. With so many good, very interesting RRs, it is impossible to read them all, even spending 24 hour days attempting it. Most evenings (and any other time I can sneak away from responsibilities for a few minutes) it is my pleasure to peruse the first page or two of Ride Reports, looking for an interesting one, or one that I have been following. Over the years, it has been disappointing to discover how many very good ones were passed over using this method, merely because the title didn't pique sufficient interest. A couple of my own RRs have proven this to me, as titles that do not convey some idea of what the report covers are soon back on page 50. Imagine, if you will, how many readers Denis would have collected if, instead of "Father & Son take on the whole TAT" he had entitled it "A Slow Ride Down A Muddy Trail". Okay, a bit far-fetched, but "to illustrate; exaggerate".

Now back to those who have something really worthwhile to add. Great work, folks.
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