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Originally Posted by MikeMike View Post
If Calderon ever got serious about fighting the narcos, he could start by building a fence around San Lazaro!
Every single Mexican politician and their families should have their passports and visas revoked and they should be forced to take vacations within their own country before jetting off to Orlando and Beverley Hills etc... Their kids should be forced to attend state run public schools and they should all be audited out the whazoo, be forced to take public transportation and receive treatment in public hospitals. They should also be forced to learn to ride a motorcycle and cover miles here from north to south and east to west as well as be subject to registering a vehicle and the paperwork it entails. He won't ever do it, he isn't half the politician or man that the late Manuel Clouthier was.

There, I feel a lot better now! Being capable of whipping myself into a one man, pitch fork carrying, torch bearing tornado like frenzy, gives me a false sense of security that I have the answers, when I really don't.
And all that(like school choice/bike riding/ medical care ad infintum) , if it were to come true, would result in something less than the BS artist(I wonder if they all listen to tapes of their BS in retirement?) that is the base human factor in all politicians-Mexican or elsewhere?
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