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Originally Posted by WakeDude View Post
Point 2: Noted

Point 3: I'm a moto tourist but definitely not a gringo.

Point 4: Noted

Thank you.

My pleasure and I hope that you have a great time!

My flippant comment about being a gringo in Mexico is that unless you really, really know the culture and know the language that you cannot pass as Mexican if you have a US-Spanish or Cuban-Spanish dialect. And then little things like US shoes and other clothing give most of us away.

For someone like myself I tell people not to even bother trying to blend in.

I will say this, that with the recent troubles I have adjusted a few things:

- I used to wear a TAG Heuer watch when in Mexico. It's Swiss Army now.

- I tend to stay away from military-look pants and shirts. A few years ago I would have worn 5.11 pants with cargo pockets; now I tend towards lighter colored pants (nylon North Face pants are comfy if not particularly attractive).

- Hawaiian shirts used to be a bit of a trademark of mine; I've slightly gotten away from those but they sure scream out "tourist, and not a cartel member." But just the same lighter-colored stuff seems to be preferable, both for comfort in the heat and also because it doesn't look military.

- I am pretty old school and I avoid wearing shorts unless I go somewhere that is full of gringo tourists. Arte and some of the other guys may laugh at this but once upon a time shorts on adults were considered pretty tacky in Mexico. Probably much more accepted again.

With all this said and done I wouldn't get too tense about what to wear and how to appear in Mexico. Wear your normal riding clothes.

And have fun!
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