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Well the countries you've listed are at the mooment rather quiet compared to Mexico. Mexico's war is creating more casualties than anywhere else. I can't think of any other country at the moment that has truckloads of tortured dead people being dumped on the freeway, men and women, or another country that has internet users being executed and beheaded for posting on the internet. Mexico is number one right now because it has the most active war with the most casualties. I'm continually surprised at the "poor picked on Mexico" attitude on this thread, you aren't being picked on, you're earning the attention by having the sickest crazy war violence currently on the planet. Maybe you'll get lucky and the Israel/Palestine thing will heat up, or the Taliban will do something, until then Mexico is Numero Uno. Not because everyone hates you, but because Mexico is currently the most violent place with the most sick crazy stuff going on, that's boys and girls is news........And yeah, since Mexico borders the U.S., it's a huge American tourist destination, lots of U.S. companies are there and we are connected by the drug trade, uh yeah, it might make the news due to those factors too.

In reality, when I watch my nightly news I rarely hear anything about Mexico, but everyday I get news from Mexican sources on the interent about the daily violence that is never reported here on TV. I'd say it''s under reported.

I'm sure this will generate some flames from the usual suspects, but the truth is the truth, at least I'm not posting from inside Mexico, that could be fatal at the moment.
OK, so to make a point I'll tell my side of the above. During the hot part of the Iraq thing & during my oldest son's 4 tours as a Marine combat (Cobra) pilot(and on of his brothers 2 tours) we watched the news banners at the bottom of the screen with a passion that can only be driven by concern for your own kid! Several times we had to endure the knowledge that a helo/Cobra was down without knowing IF it was our guy! Now, the Afgahan thing goes on much the same(our boys are not there) and you do not get that same coverage.Unless a local son is killed or a general has a comment, this has become 2nd page or further news. The media apparently send you what they think will gain your attention & what sells adv $. This isn't a political commentary, simply saying I really don't understand why we are getting the Mexico issues thrown at us/not thrown at us as they are. Given 12 million illegals stated to be in USA I can see some connection but must be a complicated issue? When in traveling in Mexico the gore on the newspaper front pages is often seen at every intersection by paper sellers so it IS! what sells there for sure.While my experience has been peaceful there, I heard reports of gunfire in the same towns/locales as where I had stayed (on the same day in Saltillo) & elsewhere.
To gain some knowledge of who shoots,stabs beats whom in the USA crime facts tell you it is often gangbangers or people that know each other that are involved & only in the rare "crazy type does random stuff" does it involve bystanders. The violonce in Mexico happens there , not here so only natural we don't get it all, just like I don't get NYC or LA news in my KY paper.

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