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Originally Posted by PirateJohn View Post
My pleasure and I hope that you have a great time!

My flippant comment about being a gringo in Mexico is that unless you really, really know the culture and know the language that you cannot pass as Mexican if you have a US-Spanish or Cuban-Spanish dialect. And then little things like US shoes and other clothing give most of us away.

For someone like myself I tell people not to even bother trying to blend in.

I will say this, that with the recent troubles I have adjusted a few things:

- I used to wear a TAG Heuer watch when in Mexico. It's Swiss Army now.

- I tend to stay away from military-look pants and shirts. A few years ago I would have worn 5.11 pants with cargo pockets; now I tend towards lighter colored pants (nylon North Face pants are comfy if not particularly attractive).

- Hawaiian shirts used to be a bit of a trademark of mine; I've slightly gotten away from those but they sure scream out "tourist, and not a cartel member." But just the same lighter-colored stuff seems to be preferable, both for comfort in the heat and also because it doesn't look military.

- I am pretty old school and I avoid wearing shorts unless I go somewhere that is full of gringo tourists. Arte and some of the other guys may laugh at this but once upon a time shorts on adults were considered pretty tacky in Mexico. Probably much more accepted again.

With all this said and done I wouldn't get too tense about what to wear and how to appear in Mexico. Wear your normal riding clothes.

And have fun!

Thanks again for the tips. This trip is during the summer months next year so shorts will be a must, but to this day the cultures still frown upon men wearing shorts.

I have been fortunate enough to work on a daily basis with people from almost every C.A., and S.A. country. I understand the dialect, and can match it, and I also can grow a mean Pancho Villa mustache!

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