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SL 100 Progress

Last night my daughter and I worked on her SL100 and even though we are making great progress, the bike still does not run right. We now have a fully and carefully rebuilt carburetor (new float, needle & seat, 105 mainjet, gaskets & seals, etc), and also installed the chain and finished hooking up the charging system (which does not appear to be working either, arghh).

Rebuilt Carb

Rebuilt carb on bike (with fresh gaskets and o-ring)

Adjusting new chain (I had her grind the sideplate off and help cut chain, she also did the whole adjustment with dad "advising" her

So I am a little stumped with this thing. The carb now seems to be working really well, not seeing any sloppy fuel or misting, but the engine still will not rev out past about 1/3 throttle, it acts like it is being held back like the timing is off. I have double checked cam timing and believe it is right on, it almost acts like the advance mechanism is working backward, retarding the iginition instead of advancing it. Does not backfire out the intake or exhaust, which leads me to believe the cam timing is right. I don't normally put a timing light on these small bikes, but think I'm going to give it a try to find out exactly where the timing is and what happens as we rev it up. It just feels like I have missed something altogether. Please bear in mind the bike was re-bored and assembled by someone else, so it makes me wonder what might have been missed internally? It does not smoke and seems to have reasonable compression (110 psi), but is slightly on the low side. Any ideas anyone??
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