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JIM - not sure how to word this but - i mostly try to avoid marketing in a manner like "hey this is absolutely the best stuff and most bullet proof stuff out there". As you said, most of the feedback is anecdotal. Wherever we have some proper test results we will provide them and where we don't we will simply say so.

As far as Sas-Tec goes, i have personally (again anecdotal) not experienced the "hardening" of the armor. Apart from the that, the protectors "feel" very protective and are extremely comfortable. I have the choice of using armor from several different vendors but chose Sas-Tec for these reasons. Yes they do provide test data for those who need - for those who don't can always look up crash reports for gear using this sort of armor.

I dont mind using T-PRO if folks are willing to pay for it. However, we are a small company and cant risk investing in T-PRO armor and then have people backing off and saying hey its too expensive. If enough people are willing to commit ahead of time then we dont mind using T-PRO ....or any other material/part.

the worst kind: All good points. i disagree with just one point though. when i spend a large sum of money (large for me at least) i kind of want everything too - including proper design (good looks?).

Generally, i kind of knew it would start tilting towards a motoport comparison but thats not really what the point of this thread is. I want to get an idea of what amount people want to spend on this sort of gear. What can they live with and what they can live without - whats necessary and where can you compromise Were you considering this sort of gear and then dropped the idea ? Why - because of price? because of looks?
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