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they have become a niche motorcycle company, and their niche is Fat people.
Fat, lazy, obese - the motorcycle and the prospective customer

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There are a lot of chats (not only at ADVrider, but also on other forums around the Globe) about the way Honda is riding right now regarding design & developpement of new (heavy) motorcycles.

I think that the main- reason for the 'custommer complains' towards Honda are based on the fact that their R&D departement is developing heavy motorcycles which don't appeal to the public as much as Honda's have done in the past... Read the comments f.e. from the VFR community on the new 1200... And the Transalp community over the new 700 (Which I think is also a very, very good bike - but it doesn't appeal to the loyal Transalp/Africa Twin public). That is the key problem here. Not the fact if the bike is good or poor, but the emotion which comes with it...

Besides that... I love the finishing touch of the VFR. The bike ís put together very, very well and like I stated in my roadtest report, on that level the VFR1200 sets new standards. But that's it. There is no emotion at 'the Wings of Honda' anymore.

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