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Hey just found this thread. Been out of town. Don't know if registrations still apply but what the heck. Yes I have one of the beasts. 2007 issue, bought new in Calgary. Been to Inuvik on it, worst seat in the world.

Not many mods. Rewired headlights so I can run high and low beams at same time. VERY NICE. Put switch on low beam so it can be shut off when putting down fire roads at to low rpm to keep battery charging when running heated grips. Also makes starting easier with hot motor. More for amps for starter, better for it.

Took bike to Ronin motorsports in sylvan lake Alberta had it dynoed. Big improvement. Can now get 60 miles per gallon at 50 to 60 mph. Big improvement from the 45 it got previously. More riding less stopping.

Still searching for perfect tires.
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