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Originally Posted by plutonic View Post
Anyone w/Mac computers at home using an Android phone? What's your experience? Syncing or any other issues? Incompatibility w/Mac ( if any )?

I would love to get an iPhone but I want to stick with T-Mobile and they are not offering iPhone as we all know. My Blackberry is expired so I need another phone.
Yep. With the exception of my wife's old Toshiba laptop, we're all Mac here. I run a Mac Mini as a server, I have an old Mac G4 hooked up in the garage, and my main machine is a MacBook. I also have an original Motorola Droid.

No problems really. I used Salling MediaSync to put my music on my phone initially, though now I just manually copy songs into the music folder on the Droid. PDANet works great to tether to my laptop to get internet up at our cabin if I need it.

Oddly enough, I'm due for a new phone. My contract expired last week, and I've been having some problems with my phone over the last couple months. I'm probably going to end up with an iPhone 4s on Verizon. My wife has had an iPhone for years, and is also due (she's on AT&T). It would be nice for us to have all the same apps, same chargers, etc.
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