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Originally Posted by Orangecicle View Post
I'm looking for a decent vacuum regulator. I've found decently vacuum pumps at reasonable prices, and I'm going to build my own vacuum tanks:

(borrowed photo)

But now I'm looking for an electro-mechanical valve that will cut off the pump when the vacuum hits about 25" Hg. Any ideas? I started trying to find a good regulator, but the only regulators I'm finding are really expensive at over $200, and that doesn't include a cutoff valve to shut the pump down when the pressure gets high enough:

Maybe it's cheaper in the end to just buy a more expensive regulated pump? I don't know.
I bought a Harbor Freight pump over a year ago. I have used it for multiple projects and it is still going strong. It was on sale at the time for around $130, and I believe building one yourself will cost nearly as much.
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