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Originally Posted by sanjoh View Post
Looking good. Wow 350 would be amazing. How's your steering throw, lock to lock?

I'm putting my rat on a diet, just weighed it at 412 a bit over half a tank of fuel.
Right now steering is 360 I need to weld some stops on the frame and same with the triple.

I think 350# might be a little ambitious but attainable. Ive saved quite a bit so far, it just comes down to discipline. I'm not going to sacrifice protection though to hit it and I plan on beefing up the frame too.

I bet it weighs 300 as you see it. I need to add controls, rad, battery, subframe, underseat tank, header, rear sets, protection. Plus a bunch of little add ons. I hope by using carbon fiber and aluminum where possible plus a li ion battery, maybe custom head er I can get there. I really should weigh it now.
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