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Originally Posted by teizms View Post
I want to get an idea of what amount people want to spend on this sort of gear. What can they live with and what they can live without - whats necessary and where can you compromise Were you considering this sort of gear and then dropped the idea ? Why - because of price? because of looks?
As a potential customer, I can't refrain from wanting to pay as little as possible Can't say I thought of a price, but what would help everybody is to have the option of getting a discount for buying both jacket/pants, even if they're not bought at the same time- if you're already doing it then ignore.

With regards to 'compromising', that's the wrong way to start a conversation about kevlar products I'd think that people who own or would like to own such products are doing it in an effort to get the best fabric there is. Otherwise, plenty of choices out there. Hence this gear should carry a premium price just because you DON'T want to compromise on fabric, assembly, armour- and armour coverage, and warranty. And yes, it would be great if there was an option for T-Pro armour, I understand the cost issues, just saying that it would be great if one could buy your product knowing that everything is top-notch.

I have kevlar gear, not mesh, and as others have said, my main complaint is the bulkiness- the material itself is awesome, saved my ass couple times, once saved it big time.

My wife and I would be in the market for a 2-piece suit with 360 zipper, if the suit is not a compromise

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