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[QUOTE=bumblebee1;17041338]I wonder how little money invested you can get away with on this

Over the last 7+ years of 640 ownership I've managed to scrounge up a bit of inventory of spare parts, so I hope to have most needs covered... After test riding the mechanics of the engine appear sound so the starting point will be replacing the ignition switch as it was bypassed when the P.O. lost the key...The tach is not registering as is the speedo and brake lamps... And it seems there has been some frame ground outs in the wiring clusters... The oil leaks are simple, gaskets or goop for a fix...Sort out the exhaust system.. Carb cleanout and rejet as needed... A check and grease repack of all the suspension link and steering bearings... I have ordered a longer front brake line as the existing one is way too short and does not move properly through the guides as the forks compress... Then there will be the cleanup of corrosion and touch up paint on the frame as required...Replacement of some plastics and a tank/fairing paint touch up... After all this is done I'll try to scrounge up a set of luggage racks and make her travel ready...
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