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Originally Posted by The Toad View Post
Thanks. could a person spend a day or even two there ?
Oh yeah, it's officially 16 miles, but the thing about Perry is that the place is poorly maintained so people have just made off-trail trails all over and actual measure there's probably 100 miles of trails if you could ride them all.

As mentioned above there are some mud pits there, but 99% of them are on the marked trails (the blue and orange ones). They're avoidable, and all the fun stuff is the "off trail" sections. The thing I like about it is there's no sense of structure...just trails going here, there, up hills, rock faces, down slimy sides of hills, you name it.

It's a playground, perfect to build confidence or hone skills. What I would not do is ride Perry alone unless you're comfortable offroad...there is little traffic and it's very possible to get stuck or hurt and not be passed by another bike or quad for a week.

If you're in town, I'll ride it with ya. Just drop me a line.
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