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Need some advice from the 640A nice it's my first post.

Sold the plated 450X and looking for a longer legged dirt bike. Rode a KLR and it did nothing for me, same with the DR, and the Honda is just ugly. So I am set on a 640A, but there are a couple of options......

-'99 that needs some TLC, <13,000 miles on it, easy price
-'06 ready to go, but with 25,000+ miles, towards the top of my budget

Figured out with my 450 that if I have a shop manual, torque wrench, and some forum wisdom I can do damn near anything mechanically, so I am not scared of the maintenance. Will do some light commuting with the goal of a CDR or TAT ride this summer.

Didn't want all the KTM bashing/"buy a KLR" crap so I posted here.

Let me know....
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