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Originally Posted by ReactorTrip View Post
Anybody actually using one yet? I won a free one off facebook from Sena. Should be here in a few days, shipped out today.

Thinking about getting a portable CB radio and if anyone know if it would work just as well as the two way radios.
We just got them in. Initial impressions are pretty good. The only thing you have to keep in mind is with the squelch on a CB. If there is any sound being transmitted into the SR10 then you will not be able to get stereo music.

Once you do have the squelch on the two way set properly, you can have 3 devices on the headset channel (two way radio, gps and radar) plus phone. I think this will really finish off the autocom and starcoms of the world. The transition between the full duplex intercom, stereo and other auxillary devices is great.

Here is a video on how it pairs and plugs into a GMRS radio.

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