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okay so i bolted up the ktm forks. I also adapted the YZ wheel but may not use it right now its just in there so I can get to the suspension setup.

I'm going to drop this off the table soon so I can get some measurements under the weight of the bike. I don't have anywhere near the right springs yet.

I have everything on full droop. I figure the front end has about 12" of travel and the rear should be close to that. With this angle on the shock, I am getting the right travel. I need to get the right springs so I can set the bike on its own weight and get the rake set before I finally burn in the rear.

Now that's how I did the last bike with some advice from a suspension tuner, not saying it's the right way. If anyone has any suggestions I'm all ears.

I compressed the shock all the way and got another reading

I also made an adjustable shock mount so I can vary the travel/angle. Its really hard to hold that shock solid so I just tacked that tube in place.

I cut out the original shock mount as I plan on welding in some 1.25" heavy DOM tubing with laser cut tabs for the shock. I also plan to brace the hell out of the tabs back to the frame as there is quite a bit of force on it.

rather than my crappy handmade gussets and tabs, I went overboard at AA manufacturing and bought a ton of triangle gussets, tabs, shock mounts of all sizes and thicknesses. Should be able to get a bomber mount out of it. My new TIG is a dream on steel, I'm going to really shoot for some clean and pretty welds on this bike.

If there are any suspension guys out there who have any advice about how it looks from 2000 miles away lemme have it...

Couple questions: Anyone know if a 950 shock spring will fit on a 450 shock? I need a really heavy spring and I don't know if they make one heavy enough?
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