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It is finally raining here in the Dallas Metroplex. I just got the bike plated and can get it out on the street to and from places. I noticed in your signature the CRF250x. That was my last bike and I miss it because of how easy it was to ride and its really nice handling. How does your 530 compare to your "X"? Just curious. I have wanted an Orange thumper for some time now and finally have one.

I have noticed that at 50+ MPH on the road the front end is a bit light. I would assume that is because the front of most dirtbikes is designed to go over things instead of provide the same traction bias as a street bike does front to rear. I'll scooch up on the tank and see if that helps.
My son and I share the two bikes. So, I am constantly going back and forth. We typically do not ride the real tight technical stuff. Ours is more 20mph+ type of riding. Single track, double track and fire roads but not riding with the real tight turns. At this point we like the 530 a LOT better. There is something about all of that torque low down in the rpm's that is really enjoyable. We get on the 250 and by itself it seems fine but right after the 530 it seems gutless. We also seem to be able to climb the rocky hill climbs better on the 530. Consistently the guy on the 250 gets knocked off course before the 530 rider. From a riders perspective I would rather have 2 of the exc's. I am casually looking around for another 450/530. Also I can plate the EXC where i cannot the 250x.

ON the other hand my 250x has been trouble free. I change the oil and it runs and runs. I check the valves and they do not move much at all. It does not burn oil, leak oil, or specify the motorex at $15/liter. Keeping up with the 530 the 250x gets run pretty hard and it seems to eat it up. I have had a few issues with my ktm that seem non-typical to others in this forum. But it has not been trouble free for me.

Kind of a funny note though. I ran into another rider who was telling me that the 250x's have all sorts of trouble and she had a bad one. Constantly adjusting the valves and then top end rebuilds. She was at wits end with her 250x. I do not follow the Honda threads so had not heard. She said that there are good ones and bad ones but she was staying away from the 250x's.

That is my perspective!

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