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I was in my buddies gun store when a guy came in and wanted to buy a gun and jokingly said he only wanted to buy a single bullet. Even though he was trying to buy a very high end Kimber for $1700.00, the owner said he was out of the sotre and to never come in even joking like that again. The guy apologized profusely and came back the next day bought the gun and is still "with us". He was actually kidding. I didn't get whether he was joking about wanting to kill himself or someone else.
Happened a couple of times when I was working at Cabelas in Kansas City Kansas....A woman came in who had been tears wanting to buy a gun. People that were PO'ed. And others that you just got a bad "vibe" about. I always found it funny that you would walk into a store to buy a gun when they are SO easy to get in the DOT (locals will know what I mean by that).

The poilcy was that if YOU or any employee did not want to sell the person a firearm of anykind any employee could stop the sale.....I am sure that has all changed now that it is a public company...the bottom line is everything now.....that store has changed a bunch.
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