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Originally Posted by CodeMonkee View Post
I have "America's Right Arm" which is a book about the M&P and Model 10s

From what I can tell the Model 10 wasn't made until 1957. Before that they were Military & Police. You may not be looking at the right serial number. The correct serial number is usually stamped on the butt of the gun, and most likely will have an Alpha char or alpha and number prefix, i.e. "A" through "Z".

If you can post or PM more info I can look it up in the book.
Correct, it was the Military and Police until 1957 which was when S&W began the number series. It was 10, 10-1, 10-2 and so on for model changes. The easiest way to find what model/ update it is, look under the cylinder crane and the model number is stamped there. Then the serial number and I can run it for the manufacturing date.
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