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Solitaire to Windhoek

Had a really shitty nights sleep, felt like crap all night and no pain killers other than a few disiprin which werent cutting it, oh well on a positive note I was up early and thought stuff it ill hit the road. Hadnt eaten since dinner the other night other than a few dried biscuits so went and put some cereal and toast into me guts.

Left the bike fully packed other than the tank bag last night its actually handy having the cover for it, i know its probably safe without the cover but it only takes one person to come along and hook the gear so its just a deterrent and keeps it somewhat out of sight. I still put the lock on it every night and when people say "oh its safe" I say when you buy a 200000 rand bike fully kitted and have it uninsured you can leave the lock off it but not this little black duck. Its another deterent they have to carry it away or undo the wheel and crash guard which quite easily could happen.

Anyway enough of me being a skirt wearer ended up leaving at 9ish after the regulation chat as I was organising the bike and started out. Was earlier than I usually hit the road so wasnt to bad temp wise not that ive been having to many issues with it its still only getting to 36 or 37 celcius so nothing to bad. Past the c14 was glad to get off that, as Chantelle had told me that the d 1265 that I had to go along was is in good nick. The first 10k's were rubbish soft sand I was thinking oh here we go 200k's of crap like this, it wasnt a good start. Surprisingly as the road got out in the hills it improved heaps which was a nice change still only getting up to just over a 100 k's as you still had the soft sand six inches out of the tire marks you rode in.

Came up to the Spreetesgoote Pass pretty nice little section of the ride very scenic up there so stopped and took a few pics. Was actually really enjoying the ride, I hadnt past anyone or seen any dust trails for over an hour so was isolated but really nice.

Oh I was actually pissing myself laughing alot of the time in yesterdays blogs I wrote about the water crossings and that they may be overstated, well I wasnt disapointed heaven forbid I get my boots wet ahahah water crossings, ive seen bigger puddles when ive had a piss in the bush, absolutely to funny, I actually stopped at most of them and took pics you'll see what I mean. Kept on going it was a pretty easy ride there was a little bit of sand you just have to be careful all the time but only had a few times where i lost concentration for more than a brief second and had a few interesting moments.

Arrived in Windhoek it was really nice to hit the tar road again, it felt great. Went and booked into the place where im staying up the road from Bmw and then went down and saw Deitar and told him id bring the bike back later and just to confirm they had the tyres and how much they would be. Dropped the bike off and grabbed some grub for later and headed back to the lodge. Its a bit of a shithole this joint but its got a bed and it'll do for the next two nights then ill go find somewhere else to stay that is a bit nicer, no air conditioning no tv no fan and no internet just doesent do it for me for the price im paying, which by the way is pretty reasonable.

I'm still feeling a little crappy, when I was down the shop I was feeling so bad I just grabbed some food and pissed off without even looking for medicine, ill deal with the pain by slugging on a coke and a scoffing down a few ham sambos.

Will take the next few days to research where im heading and look after myself a little so should be a pretty cruisey few days.

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