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Originally Posted by Badge320 View Post
Some one tell me...was this a good deal...?

Remington 870 Wingmaster..vent rib..based on the serial number I believe it is a 1979 manufacture date. 2 3/4 shells..I think barrel length is 24-26 ". There is a sight bead halfway down the barrel and the standard bead at the muzzle. The breech bolt is "jeweled" and the carrier is chrome. Condition is unreal...looks as if someone bought it and never handled or shot marks on the wood and the finish is 100 percent. This gun wasn't refurbished or just looks like it is brand new.

I've always wanted one of these..saw it today while I was on pawn shop detail picking up some stolen items (perks of the job..check out all the guns while your

I gave them 350.00 out the door.
It's a Wingmaster so I think you did good especially if it's in mint condition.
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