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Originally Posted by deputygene View Post
Don't know if it means anything, but I sent in one of the petitions for Honda to bring the Transalp to the US. I included my phone number and actually got a call back. The Honda guy seemed interested in my opinion, what I wanted and hinted to keep watching the Honda website. I will buy a 2012 Transalp if they bring it here.
Would you really buy one? Have you ever even sat on one?
I had 2 of them here in my garage a few months ago. They did not impress me at all. They are a nice looking bike but, not great looking and nothing like the africa twin. They also have way more plastic than the old model which was a complete disaster here in the states back in the day.

There is no way the transalp will be brought here to compete with the wee strom. You have to remember that the USA is not a very profitable place to sell motorcycles. It's a great place to get rid of volume and if the buyers in Europe are happy paying the price they do for them, why sell them here for pennies of profit. The problem is when the volume does not sell, then the bike is a loss maker.

I'll say it again, reintroduce the Africa twin, give it the same bodywork as the old model, better motor and suspension and it will be a serious contender for the new strom and blow the tiger and the GS 800 out of the water.

Can someone please stop pressing the snooze button at the Honda plant and wake them up to whats going on in the market.
European bike sales and storage.
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