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Pilot Case Organization Tip

Hey Pilot Case owners ... If you are as anal as I am about keeping things organized inside your cases, I found a cheap solution that works really well for the pilot cases: Rubbermaid Modular canisters fit almost perfectly inside of the cases. You can get them at pretty much any walmart, they are cheap, clear and share the same dimensions between size (except depth) so the lids can be swapped (no looking for the 'right lid')

They fit four across in a full size (right) case and can stack - I use three 5 cup canister containers stacked on top of three 10 cup containers, and one 16 cup container - that's 7 separate compartments and it takes up the lower half of your right case. (Or left if you don't have the cutout) Last note - you can only stack them about halfway up the case due to the taper of the case - you can't close the door if you stack them higher.

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