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I do not think that Transalp 700 would do well anywhere. Actually it did not do well so far on this side of the pond. I mean - did not do well in sales.
I know I am going to get some owners angry at me for this, but I rode it and it is do not delivery bike feel. Boring. Nothing stands out. Slow in comparison with quite a few bikes, squishy handling in comparison with other quite a few, not really pretty and pain in the a...e to service (dear God, I lost count of screws to get closer to engine). WAY to heavy to even resemble adventure bike. It's just kinda UJM without kick. Many people like it, many don't. But isn't riding at least in a bit about excitement and pushing it? Isn't it reason several makes broke through in market share? Isn't it easier to buy 1993 Honda Civic and ride it without single hitch for one million kms if it would be just about moving a to b?
And when I say soul or feel - do not tell me that "soul means unreliable etc". I won't agree. I have my old VTR1000F and that motor is full of soul and sound to go with it, yet it is reliable and friendly machine to ride. Even Goldwing have that. Even Deauville have that - it's oddball looks at least! Africa was so popular because it was so different approach to adventure bike. And surprisingly easy taking spills. But new my native language we have saying "not fish, nor meat". This is so much about new alp. I am amazed at people lusting over it without even trying what it is.

Rant off.

TwoPlugs, are they surely going to show new bikes on EICMA? Reason - I am going (for something else) there with whole bunch of friends and may be need to take good camera with me?
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