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1. Who do you trust to do work on your bike? Mine is up to date on mx, but with 33k miles on it, it may be a matter of time. Tires and oil changes will be first on the list.
2. Any good gear shops around? I brought what i think will work here, but you never know... I will need some chain lube.
3. i know you are looking for dirt, but I'll take ahehny advice you have on good roads in the Osan area. I picked up a big blue road atlas at the BX yesterday, but I'd love to hear reports from someone thats "been there, done that."
4. I've been in contact with the Road Dragons out of seoul and they have been very helpful. Does Osan have a similar riding club?
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I dont have a suzuki anymore but i go to this scooter shop. i have a 50cc scooter and i took it there becuase it died. they rebuilt it and didnt charge too much. they are always busy- they are fast and do good work. My ktm broke down and right now it is in their shop with the motor and tranny complety torn down awaiting parts. So i really trust these guys. I brought chain lube with me. but most fix it garages have it. I am sure the scooter shop does too. As far as gear goes- not much motocross stuff available out here. not sure what kind of gear your looking for but songton has plenty of leather. I ran into some guys that ride big bikes here one morning at the front gate. so they do have some. usually people meet sat or sun not sure which- early in the am- 7-8am. I would have to show you where the scooter mx place is.
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