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Originally Posted by LC8TY View Post
Where did you run the fuel line from the right side petcock? I think the instructions say (I didn't get them with my tank) to run the line around the front of the cylinder, right above the header pipe, to the carb, via the T piece.

I ran mine around the rear, double insulated from heat, between the carb (over the inlet boot) and the cylinder and it works well.
Yeah man...I looked at that routing over the header and just shivered! Stop! Drop! Roll!

I did like you and went over the carb boot, I ran it pretty hot the other day, and had no vapor lock issue or whatnot. The one thing I have noticed is I turned on the petcock on the left (clutch lever) side and forgot to turn on the right....the bike started to run out of gas with about 2 gallons still in it. Once I turned on both petcocks (did not go reserve) it straightened right out and ran fine again....I think it creates a vacuum lock in the line, kind of like when you hold your finger on the end of a straw.....

I can take some pics of the routing if it would help you, just let me know.
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