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There's a large windmill project going on in the Millsfield area just West of the town of Errol. I've noticed a lot of these quietly happening all over the remote north country. Probably because it's alot easier for these energy companies to deal with one eager land owner, than multiple, not so eager landowners. I found myself on one of their service roads this summer

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Eventually I got shooed out of the area by one of the construction drivers. I'm not saying these windmill projects are a good thing or a bad thing, I'm just saying....time will tell.

We tried pretty hard to make a trail connection between the Greenough Pond roads in the Errol area and the northernmost town of Pittsburg, NH, but were unable to do it. I do believe it can be done, but for now that will have to be another trip. So, we did some road work out through Dixville Notch.

This is the Balsams Grand Resort right in Dixville Notch, where every four years the residents of the town cast the first votes in the nation during the presidential primary. Pretty amazing place right in the middle of "nowhere".

Then on to Colebrook and up Rt.145 which is a really great motorcycle road, in spite of the fact that it's not dirt.

Once in Pittsburg, we climbed on the Indian Stream Road which runs North towards Canada....

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