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Some things never change.

Back in the 80's, I read a similar test in some motorcycle magazine. They kept it simple, no crash test dummies. They built an arm rig on the back of a pickup truck, where they covered a bag of dry mix concrete with material, and then attached it to the arm rig. They drove at different speeds (25 to 55 mph if I remember correctly), dropped the arm, then slowed down to simulate sliding to a stop.

The bags of dry mix concrete gave a good indicator of when a hole wore through the material, as the could see the powder fly (literally).

They tried leathers, jeans, and what textiles were available then.

Leathers won, of course. None of the samples wore through. Leathers were thicker and stiffer than some of today's stuff.

Textiles varied. Some held up better than others, but they all had holes in the end. Road rash was a inevitable.

Jeans... They literally exploded on contact. The article said it sounded like a double barrel 12 gauge going off.

The sad part is that I still just ride in jeans and a textile jacket.
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