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Originally Posted by ouray rider View Post
There I was thinking I needed to re-handle my raquetball raquet when it hit me! The solution.

I went to sports Authority and got two things. A "Tourna Grip" which is a tennis handle wrap.($7.99) If your cheap just get a roll of friction tape. ($1.00) The product material has a little give and has enough product for three grips. Wrap and tape the grip at both ends.
The 2nd product is called "What a Grip". ($5.99) You'll need two of these. Same concept , cut to lenght of grip area. A provided small bag goes over the grip. You then roll one end over slightly to get a good grip and you slid it over the grip and bag. It takes longer to write this than do. it. It's exactly like putting a rubber on. Do I have your attention ! Pull the bag out and adjust and your done. You can tailor make the girth of the grip what you want and you have a nice new durable grip that looks and feels it was made for your bike. The grips have an ever so slight cushion to them that cuts vibration too.

P.S. If you have trouble getting the bag out, roll you rubber from the outside in and pull the bag out. Re-roll your rubber to the outside of the bike and your done! Do not cut short, a little long is better . If you ever wear out just buy another grip.

Many of our lady riders will probably easily follow the procedure from past experiences.
Ok, so I googled What a Grip to find out where to buy it and was horribly surprised that it's also used by r'itards on their penis to keep it from turtling so they can look bigger when going "commando" in jeans, etc.
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