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Originally Posted by mcnut View Post
Not sure what you are trying to achieve. With memory so cheap most folks find using a 2-4 gig card will cover any ground they need. The limiting factor being the 2025 tile/segment limit imposed by the 60Cx firmware.

I can't offer any suggestions on the naming. There's probably a workaround but it's never been an issue for me as I just toggle Topo, R&R and CityNavigator (and others) to "Show" or "Hide".

It's not a matter of memory. It's about being able to create multiple mapsets from different states and load them without having to create a custom set including all of the quads I might need for a given trip. For example, I have a set of Montana quads, and if I want to add some Idaho quads I don't want to have to recreate the entire mapset.

And I'd like to be able to save the mapsets on my hard drive to re-load them for future trips.

As far as City Nav, Topo and R&R, I don't use any Garmin maps. It's all topos downloaded from gpsfiledepot.

Though I've seen good reports of Road & Rec, but I can't find it on Garmin's website. Where can I get this map?
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