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Yeah, updates

Motor is out and on the workbench.

I really haven't had much time to play.
Trying to figure myself out a game plan before I get sidetracked.
One of my pistons had some kid of seizure I guess.

Shame. I was really hoping to get by without an overbore and some new pistons.
It's cool, one of the rings is like welded to the piston.
But the scoring, both on the cyl and piston, are clearly evident
and even a man of my limited decency would feel guilt about using them again.
Oh well.

I'm planning on doing the motor during my winter break from college.
I've got until then to tear down and make a parts list.
Manageable goals.

What else is going through my head, is a bit of guilt for planning on defacing such a nice example of an RD.
I mean, someone tell me there's a ton of these out there and to keep on chooglin'.

Calling all 2 stroke nerds:

1. 11,xxx miles - should I budget in a crank rebuild? Read that if a crank is removed it should be checked.

2. What's the poor boy's method of cleaning ports?

3. Anybody remember how to get the stator off?

4. Recommendations on electronic ignitions? Damn shit is pricey.
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