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Originally Posted by Aanarchy View Post
I have a GPS 60CSx - I can see the gmapsupp.img on the SD card in Windows Explorer. Can I simply use File:Rename to give it an identifying name and then load other mapsets, renaming each as I go?

Where on my hard drive does Garmin save the mapsets I create in Mapsource? It would be so much easier to create them, name them, then drag and drop to the card.

And while I'm asking questions - why doesn't Garmin save it with the name I give the Mapset when I create it? And can I specify where to save it?

EDIT: I followed the link to Oregon info, and it says yes, you can simply rename the file on the card. Can I assume this applies to the 60CSx as well?

And why does Garmin make us do these things?
The 60/76/Legend etc do not have the ability to have multiple maps with different names accessible on the same card, to the gps. This ability was introduced with the Colorado and extends now to the Oregon, Dakota and Montana line.

As others have mentioned, you may bebetter off in your case to just keep multiple maps loaded to different cards, or load all of the maps you want at the same time to the one gmapsupp.img file. The 60/76/Legend can still enable/disable different maps individually even if they're all in one file.
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