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Its been over a week since I last blogged, ive just taken time out from doing anything as i've just been feeling pretty stuffed so decided to go see the quack and get things sorted out. Between the pain in my back and neck the flu I really needed to just sit still for awhile and get myself feeling better. While she was listening to my chest she spotted the long scar across my rib cage so I told her about the accident and that my right lung was collapsed and the left partially and that I had bled internally into my chest and had to have an operation on all of it so she took her time listening.

She did say my lung that was damaged in the accident wasnt sounding to good and wanted me to go get some xrays but I just said let me try this medicine you've given me first and if im still having issues ill go get the xray. I must admit ive been feeling like crap but I have been pushing myself a little even as much as I know it seems like ive been on a leisurely cruise through Southern Africa. I've only done 12 500 k's in 4 months and people do that standing on their heads but go get smashed up by a semi trailer then do it a few years later and you'll have some idea how im feeling . Theres so much more to it as well and im seeing that come into play cause im a little run down. Losing things, leaving things i dont know how it happens the dots just dont connect lets say.

Like today walking out of the mall after going to the shop, oh wheres my sunglasses, shit look in all my pockets, no not there, not hanging on my shirt, oh bugger I must of left them back at the pharmacy, so just about to start walking back, oh hang on there they are on my head, thought i checked my head, friggin hell idiot. Just as im doing that one of the security guys comes chasing me down the mall, you left this paperwork, oh great thanks mate, go to get my reading glasses on to read it and there gone and they are gone, oh f%^k it forget it just take a few minutes to compose myself and concentrate when you get on the bike. I know we all do that stuff at times but ALL THE TIME, its just so annoying, I guess im just getting an early look into what its like to be an old coot. They did say it may of been caused by the hit on the head I got in the accident or the blood loss when I was bleeding internally and lack of oxygen I had at stages but FUCKING HELL it shits me, makes me more determined to kick it in the nuts and push on.

In the week or so ive had off ive had the bike serviced which was good, had a warning light that came on in the last 50 to 100 k's before I got into Windhoek was a bit of a worry when your in the middle of nowhere but checked the oil water and everything else and kept going, ended up being the headlight lamp so that was replaced and so far in the few k's ive done just riding around town ive had no probs.

Been nice to stay awhile somewhere again, getting to know Sylvia, Ingrid and the crew that work here. Slyvia's little Grandson Janu is a classic, the little fella was shy at first but now I let him sit on and start the bike any time im going out. I took him down the shop the other day to get and ice cream and bought him a little toy motorbike and car to play with, he loves it, I think ive learnt more Afrikaans hanging around Janu whose only 4 in the last few days than I have in the last 4 months. Ive definatly made a little mate he just came over before to say good night. Slaaptyd (bedtime) I said to him he just nodded Ja and waved and off to bed he went.

Ive decided im going to the north of Namibia then up to the Caprivi Pass from there then back down the West side of the Ochevango Delta across and up to the Vic Falls. I talked to a bloke today that said the Caprivi Pass was just a long straight road dry with not much happening other than a few elephants, sounds pretty familiar in Namibia.

He told me to give Egypt a miss to he said he and his mate had set up camp and in the middle of the night were grabbed by soldiers or someone and were forcibly thrown on the ground at gun point and threatened saying they were illegal fisherman or spy's, they had one of the cops military fire the gun into the ground while they were lying there. Seriously though some of the stories that come out of there it sounds like a comedy almost. Maybe it was where they set up camp who knows maybe they were in a restricted area and the way things work up in that neck of the woods the soldiers just weren't taking any chances. They went through his tent and stole his camera, it really is starting to sound a no go zone but we'll see.

He also said the bikes had been stuck in customs for 2 weeks sorting out paper work which didnt help their cause. There is a few options when i get up there Option 1 is I can go to Khartoum and get visas for Saudi Arabia then go to Port Sudan over to Jeddah in Saudi Arabia and then head to Jordan then up through Syria to Turkey. Option 2 is Port Sudan to Italy by boat through the Suez Canal or Option 3 Just meet Jared in Ethiopia crate the bike up and fly with him to Europe get my bike and piss off into the sunset again which sounds easier.

In all my researching before I left I have read so many different ways but in the end im not sure what im doing tomorrow let alone a few months. The good tip I got was that the northern Kenyan part I keep hearing about is 340k's and took them 15 hours in two days to do with no dramas at all other than being pretty hard riding. Im looking forward to heading north but have decided to just get these pills into me see how im going then take off, whats a few days in the washup to make sure im ok

Riding around Windhoek im starting to know the place just riding around and around around its good, its not that big a town but even riding today I came across a sort of side street and came out and went oh shit there I am, its a little different these inland cities surrounded by hills its ok when you ride in and ride out but once you start going all over the place the north south east and west start to become a little blurred but just riding to anywhere every day the city just becomes familiar if you know what I mean.

Anyway im jibbering now im having a few more days break if any of the family are reading this im ok, im still breathing and ive still got the energy to beat up on a 4yo so all good.

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