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SCQTT, opaque_machete, DAKEZ, and others,

It's me, MotoMusicMark,...yes, a true moto-noob! Thanks so much for all contributors to this thread. It really took off and, as someone mentioned, probably helped a lot of noobs like me!

I am 53 years young and bought a "wrong" first bike in early 2010. The school of hard knocks told me it was too tall for me despite a seasoned motorcyclist guiding my choice.(There's another point a noob should watch out for!)

You wonder if I am writing a book. Well you're close. A compilation of the good "from the street" information to REALLY help the new motorcyclist I feel is vitally needed. Does anyone have books/videos they know are available along these lines?

I've been basically unemployed for about 2 years and have dreams of doing a seminar series or on-line video to help noobs. Anyone interested in partnering? Are you musical? I've also written a number of motorcycling-specific songs toward a touring band at festivals, expos, etc.

Keep the good info coming for moto-noobs. They appreciate it!

Tip: Be VERY wary of anything that might look slippery because it can get you: road apples, matted wet leaves, oil slick, mud, etc. You'll at the very least get a wiggle in your ass to tell you it was slippery!


P.S. What's a "sticky thread" and a "Perfect line forum"??
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