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Originally Posted by duck View Post
The bike is better than you are. When you think you've come into a turn too hot, do not chop the throttle, keep it constant and look through the turn.
NOOB reporting in. I'm one of those late bloomers - 48 years old and have been riding for just 6 months. In that time I've ridden 4,000 miles between 2 different bikes. This is a massively helpful thread.

The quote above came from the 1st page. It's succinct, direct, unemotional, and incredibly practical. It's also the one thing I have to regularly force myself to keep foremost in my mind when out for a ride on winding country roads. There are so many golden nuggets in this thread that deserve mention, especially regarding car drivers, conditions, lane position, gear, etc. The one above just resonated with me more than most others.

If I could pass on anything I learned this year, it would be: start small. My first bike was a 250cc Kawasaki Super Sherpa. I put my first 3,000 miles on that bike, including a 1,500 mile, 6 day road trip. I learned basic skills and gained a ton of confidence. When I bought my 650 V-Strom 2 months ago, I felt ready to move up and begin the learning process all over again. Nice thing about starting with a small dual sport is that I now have a little dirt bike for learning some off-road skills.

Then I would echo the other most helpful tips:
- ATGATT. Don't go cheap, either. Buy the best stuff you can afford.
- Ride YOUR ride. Stay within your skill level. Listen to the Dirty Harry in you. "A man's gotta' know his limitations."
- Learn to brake. Then learn it again, again, and again.
- Practice, practice, practice (ride, ride, ride).

Thanks to all who have shared their long years of experience with noobs like me. This thread is a treasure.
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