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If Brandon Marshall was paying more attention to running his route than trying to run over Revis in "Beast Mode" the Dolphins might have had a better result on that play. The Dolphins could easily have been up 14-0 early.

The Jets displayed a lot of the same old problems early in that game, but fortunately Moore (Man, that guy is bad.) was missing open receivers. Shonn Greene just doesn't look like a viable, full time NFL back. He's not a threat to run to the outside at all and everyone just stacks the inside on his runs. I love that he runs hard, but his limitations are catching up to him. He's just not a quick enough back. Missing Damien Woody's run blocking ability at RT isn't helping things, I'm sure. Wayne Hunter was impressive against Cameron Wake, at least!

Burress continues to be awful. Can't get seperation, rusty, sloppy and dropping balls. The first two things are new issues, but the last two are old ones. Hopefully Kerley will open some things up being an effective receiver from the slot.

Jets linebackers were getting exploited in space to the outside, but fortunately Daniel Thomas was playing with an injured hammy and Bush got hurt fairly early.

We'll learn a lot about the Jets against San Diego... especially about the Jets defense. If they're still an elite unit they should at least put up a respectable performance against the Chargers.
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