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Check those bolts!

Just an FYI for those of you who have swapped kickstands for various reasons ranging from X-to-R swaps, extra lowered suspensions, or just people who ride a ton...

Went to ride to work the other day and my kick stand came up with a funky clunk. Looked down and one bolt was missing and the other was half backed out. That almost sucked hard... would hate to lose the damn kickstand riding to work or well anywhere really. New bolts ordered (I like using OE hardware) and will be getting loctite'd this time.

With the overwhelming response I got from my tire question I think I've decided to try a b-stone BT-003 rear along with the barely worn stock front I already have. $110 for just a rear is better than $250 for a set of street tires, hopefully it lasts better than the BT090 stock rear. Bridgestone says its supposed to thanks to multiple compounds while being stickier overall, but we'll see I guess. Hoping the softness will be a help with the temps falling too, making warmed up tires a more feasible reality.
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