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I bought X wheels for my R and they came with the Conti SM specific tires mounted. Sizes were larger than stock, and I thought it hurt the handling of the bike. Grip was good in the dry, wet not so much. I do a good bit of commuting and wanted something good in the wet and would last a little longer. Stock sizes limit the choices as you're finding out.

I settled on Pirelli Sport Demon in the stock sizes. They're bias ply (boo) but work well in the dry and especially well in the rain. As a bonus, tire wear seems to be great.

I'm running Super Corsa racing take-offs on my 450, and they're really bad in the wet.(Like pull the seat cover out of your ass bad, pucker factor off the charts.) The 003's might not be as bad, but I bet any "racing" type tire might not be the best choice.

Last thing, most Pirelli's seems to have a nice soft carcass which I like and suits lightweight bikes well. I like and have used bridgestone's in the past, (on a R6 and R1) but they had really stiff construction. I don't know how well a tire meant for larger bikes will work for you. I'm anxious to hear how you like them.
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