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Wink Do you 'Feel It'?

If you're not feeling your head is in the game for a ride... don't ride. All it takes is one moment of not paying attention and you're out.

Take breaks on long trips- just because you can go 450+ miles on a tank doesn't mean you should.

Practice, practice, practice.... always.

Don't speed and get caught. If you get caught- joke with the cop about it... it seems to have worked for me a number of times.

Only buy the accessories you need- people with a bunch of useless junk on their bike is just more room for distraction and problems.

Check you tires... and then check your tires... and before you roll out, check your tires. (and don't buy cheap tires- do your homework).

Wear gloves, they will hit the road first. Wear a helmet (that covers your face), that's what will hit the ground a split second after your hands.

Get to know how your bike 'feels'... she'll let you know if something is wrong.

HAVE FUN!!!! (That's what it's all about).
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