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Took a trip this Saturday, about a 2 hr. ride from Benton Harbor (normally 55 min. freeway, in a car) to Kalamazoo, MI to meet some inmates. Took it camping, that's the tent up front, and put a backpack on my back.

This bike is a great runner, needs new o-rings on the manifold, but that's really all it needs mechanically
(I'm learning here, forgot to put the angle support back on the carb, so it shook around and loosened the manifold).
It's really comfortable, smooth, I can cruise no handed in second. It always runs fantastic when the temp is high 40s,
I try to keep it out of the heat in the summer.

Found it on craigslist 2 hrs north in the country. It was listed on a Saturday last fall, called on Monday,
and it was still available. I hauled ass up there right after work, took out a loan on the bike,
and gave him $200 for a deposit. I had to have it. It ran a bit rough, but only on startup,
and he hadn't ran it in a year. The electrics were all goofed up, the rear rim was bent,
giving it the wobbles, and it appears that it was backed over (at the bar?)
It's slightly bent at the floorboard axles, the air cleaner, etc.
Maybe that's why the owner wanted rid of it.

Anyway figuring out how to ride it was a trip. I pointed it downhill, got it into first and putted
around the block about twenty times before venturing out onto the road.
Now it's second nature, and feels more natural than a foot shift.

I was surprised that I didn't have issues switching back to a footshift,
it must be such a difference that it's difficult to confuse the two.
It's 1st repaint, I found a bit of the original OD green under the fender extension.

It's missing a few bits here, fuel filter is gone, a gas cap fell off, and the rear rack fell off.
I heard a clink, clank, looked back and it was gone. But sure enough, when I pulled over, there it was, on the kickstarter!

I always feel a little guilty while riding it, but dammit it's an Indian.
If all of us packed them away, hung them up in restaurants, or cased them in museums,
the aftermarket manufacturers would go out of business.
It would just be another henderson, an excelsior, good luck finding what you need for those bikes.

Oh, it's been around the block. Here is a pic I found on "Girl on an old motorcycle" same bike, wish it could talk.

There was a strip club down the street from the prev. owner, maybe that's where she came from?

He was not happy when I drove off with it.
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