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MT-43 rear 1,800-mile longevity update...

I've had the MT-43 DOT Trials-type tire on my WR-R for just over 1,800 miles now and thought I'd post some photos to update how it's wearing. To my eye the center lugs are about halfway gone, but the tire still grips about the same as when it was new as far as I can tell.

'Course, with all that gas a-sloshing around in my big-ass IMS tank, this could just be a byproduct of the worn, shorter knobs counteracting a jello-like effect caused by the longer knobs when they were new and gummy, but what do I know?

I'm pretty much running 12 psi all the time in this tire based on advice from inmates here that running more on-road would accelerate wear in the center.

Looks like this tire will have a longer "useable" life than the D606s I had been running. I'm thinking this one might see 3K miles before it needs replacing. The D606s were almost completely gone at 2,500 miles and were all but worthless off road long before that.

Will update again as they wear out more...

Closer view...

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